Hi! Just like Freddie Mercury I want to ride my bicycle - for approx. 20.000km to the far east. Me, that´s a 23-year old student from a small town called Würzburg, Germany.


During my studies I tried to travel as often as possbile which brought me to places all over Europe as well as Australia. Even though I got some experience in hiking through remote places for several days, my upcoming trip will be a whole new experience.


As an economics student interested in the environment I based my bachelor thesis on the topic of degrowth. Basically I was writing about the relation between environmental and social justice in a global context - a subject I would also like to write about on this bike tour.


Besides that, I will portray the daily struggles of a bike tourist, the different cultures I get in contact with as well as the funny incidents I encounter on my way.


So lean back and enjoy the show!



A 16,216km bicycle ride from Germany to Southeast Asia to promote sustainability.

+++ 03.Mar.2017+++

Vietnam. From South to North in two night trains. From two seasons to four seasons and from humid 36 degrees and scorching sun to 20 degrees and rain. Vietnamese winter makes me feel at home. Sword-swinging seniors and familiar faces joined me on this one week trip through the country.




Eine Woche in Vietnam brachten jede Menge Veränderungen mit sich. Der erdrückenden Hitze des chaotischen Saigons in Süd-Vietnam folgte der vietnamesische Winter bei 20 Grad und Regen im Norden des Landes. Zwei Nachtfahrten mit dem Zug brachten mich aus den Tropen mit ihren zwei Jahreszeiten zurück in die für mich gewohnten vier Jahreszeiten.


Das Ticket für die Transsibirische Eisenbahn habe ich bereits in der Tasche. Der nächste Abschnitt führt mich zurück nach China - wegen der guten Erfahrungen auf der Hinreise freue ich mich schon auf das Wiedersehen mit dem Reich der Mitte!





Where am I?

The pictures below should be able to give quite a good summary about my travel so far - for more details you can read all the articles on my blog