Day 14

Wien, Austria

910 Km



Signpost confusion. Can you imagine that it can get really hard to navigate when there are too many signposts leading you the way? That's what happened to me the moment I crossed the border into Austria. It seems like every austrian forest track contains at least three cycling routes. Changing to roads isn't really an option because cars are too many, too big and too fast.


But let's go back to the Czech Republic. Before entering Austria I was pedaling through the Thaya National Park. What must be lovely in summer was not really worth visiting in winter. The paths were steep and muddy - mostly impossible to cross on a fully packed bicycle - and the trees were grey and without leaves. However, the last few kilometers, when I finally reached the valley, were almost worth the sweat. The view was just fantastic.


Shortly after I finally reached the border. The last thing I saw of the Czech Republic was maybe the most depressing one. It was called 'Excalibur City'. This sad place consisted of a few casinos and a duty-free store dressed up as a medieval castle with some dragons on top of it. And some Viking women guarding the entrance? How does that make sense? You better have a look at the pictures to get a glimpse of the sadness of 'Excalibur City', and while you're doing it, try to imagine medieval music mixed with electronic beats constantly playing in the background.


By the way: The czech-austrian border was controlled by border police that stopped nearly every truck or camper to look for refugees. But they didn't show any interest in me and let me pass without searching my pannier bags for refugees.


The last two days I spent in Vienna, Austria's capital. Just relaxing and recovering - like always. Today I even visited the center and took some pictures. But being a tourist can also be stressfull so I kept it slow.


Reminder: I uploaded summaries about my time in Germany and the Czech Republic. You can have a look at them by clicking on 'Route'.