Würzburg, Germany

0 Km



Welcome! The planning for my upcoming bicycle journey to the far east has started. Actually it has started almost 4 years ago when I first had the idea of such a trip. Several sleepless nights later things are starting to get serious. There still is a full page of necessary gear to buy, visa to obtain and routes to find taking me east. Crossing the Alps on my bike this September as a test ride revealed some weaknesses in my travel equipment. These last three month before my departure in march will be dedicated to solving the experienced problems so I will have a fair chance of reaching the end of Eurasia.


Logistics is another thing I am dealing with right now. Even though I want my route to be as spontaneous as possible there has to be some planning in advance. Political unrest in Turkey, Ramadan in Iran that will probably force me into taking a ferry over the Caspian Sea, bureaucracy in Uzbekistan, the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan as well as the Taklamakan Desert in China, monsun in Southeast Asia and not at least mountains like the Himalaya, Pamir or Caucasus - all these different environments need some strategy, otherwise I will be in trouble.


Anyway, I am glad you follow my blog and hope my upcoming travel stories will interest you, make you laugh or inspire you to do something similar. Scheduled departure is the 1st of March 2016. See you in three months!


Day 2

Bayreuth, Germany

167 Km



Departure. The last few days before the trip started were stressful. I got a big flu and missed my own goodbye-party. On the last day I was moving out of my room and finished assembling my bicycle since my repaired gear just arrived that same day.


Then it was time to leave. One last breakfast with my collagues at the office of the bicycle messenger and off I went. For weeks I was hoping for the winter to pass. But winter didn´t pass. In fact, the night before my departure their was a freaking snowstorm in Würzburg. Luckily the sun was coming out in the morning and I made use of the good weather by cycling all the way to Bamberg where I could sleep at the house of an old friend of me from university.


The next day was wet and cold. The 'Fränkische Schweiz' with its steep hills was a first challenge for my still recovering body. When I made the mistake to follow a bicycle path instead of the road I got stuck in snow. As a punishment I had to push my bike for the next 30 minutes and my feet got soaking wet. The last 50km to Bayreuth were all pouring with rain. In my thoughts I was already at the Mediterranian coast.