Day 17

Maribor, Slovenia

1,203 Km

Snežna Nevihta


Snowstorm. This is more an article about my last days in Austria than about Slovenia.

Of course I cycled out of Vienna in snow and rain - like always when I leave a place. But heading south with the wind in my back it was a rather pleasant ride. It was cold but the snow was already melted before it hit the ground so I had no problem using the cycling route. Everything was just fine.


That was before nightfall. Very content with the 95km I cycled and just reaching my 1,000th kilometer in total I pitched up my tent right next to the cycling path. After reading a chapter from my book I fell asleep quickly. At this time I was already hearing the snowflakes on my tent but didn't think about it too much. I was just too tired. [...]


The next morning arrived and opening my tent I saw the whole scale of last nights snowstorm. "Shit!" Everything was white, my bicycle was covered in snow and the ceiling of my tent almost came down on me. It took me more than one hour to pack up my tent, trying to heat up my fingers from time to time. When I finally started cycling my hands and feet were already numb.


But it got even worse: The first kilometers of the day brought me up a mountain. Reaching the top of it at -4 degrees my gear froze and I had to continue just using the lowest gear. In this way it took me some time to roll down again. It worried me a bit that I couldn't feel my left hand anymore since leaving this morning but there was no other choice then to move on.


Well, in the end everything went fine because the next morning spring suddenly arrived. Today I was cycling in 14 degrees with the sun on my face. The people I met were markably friendlier because of the warmth. I crossed into Slovenia and reached Maribor where I am sitting in a Café, passing the time until my couchsurfing host is coming home from work. After three days on the road there's a hot shower waiting for me. I'm happy.


Update from the 18th: At night, my hosts Milica, Alex and I went to celebrate St. Patricks Day in a bar and today we had a look at the city together. It was a really nice stay at their place. Thank you for that!