The Eco-Velo Project


"Global environmental justice in a finite world" - that is how I named my bachelor thesis written at the end of my studies. The paper consists of two aspects:


First, ecological matters strongly correlate with social matters, so that e.g. the preservation of our ecology is leading to an empowerment of human rights. Following the same logic, the destruction of our nature gives rise to social unjustice. The climate change happening right now would be the most prominent example for this mechanism, since the industrial countries contributing the most to climate change won´t be the ones having to deal with its consequences.


Which brings us to the second aspect. Richard Heede found out that since 1850 more than 63% of greenhouse gas emissions were produced by only 90 enterprises. Thus, climate change is a problem caused mostly by developed economies and their wish for perpetual growth as well as the consumption patterns of the people living in these economies. To prevent further ecological damage and generate global environmental justice the Degrowth movement is demanding a stop in economic growth. For several reasons there is no such thing as "Green Growth" (green technologies that allow for additional economic expansion). What we need is a radical change of our economy as well as a rethinking of our own lifestyle.


The aim of the Eco-Velo Project is to talk to people in different countries dealing with sustainability or the environment in general. I do this because on my previous travels I always met someone inspirational and thought of adopting some of his doings in my everyday life. By writing down their stories in this section I want to provide information about sustainable lifestyles and maybe support some inspiration.